Dr Ken Ho

Dr Ken Ho is a man on a mission: he needs to leave anything better than when he found it. He needs to fix things fast. His classic saying: “I feel the need - the need for speed!” With the exploits of an adventurer, the innovation of an entrepreneur and the resilience of a seasoned gladiator, his accomplishments of continuous improvement in the practice and delivery of dentistry since he joined the ranks of the profession in 1986 is one of breakthrough rather than incremental change. Another mantra of his:“Change is our tradition” - to him, without forging forward means to fall behind.

Dr Ho set the trend in the 1990s for dental practices in Australia to be branded with a name other than that of its owner’s credentials. As one of the earliest adopters of private dental healthcare being an experience of total patient well-being delivered in an environment of quality 5-star service and care, Dr Ho simultaneously realised his vision of leaving a legacy through mentoring new graduate dentists on an accelerated program to help them improve their Artistry, Business and Communications skills via his TOPGUM Dental Academy (of being ‘The Best of the Best’) within his TOPGUM Dental Artistry group of practices.

Today there are outstanding dental practices of excellence built by alumni of this Academy in both country and urban Australia. Dr Ho is currently collaborating with his alma mater and its related public hospitals to inculcate these systems to facilitate an efficient, engaged and productive integrated healthcare team in both the private and public sector.

You will find Ken practical and productive, with a pleasantly sublime sense of humour.