Dr Ken Ho BDS

TOPGUM Dental Artistry Sydney, NSW Australia
Director & Principal Consultant 1991 - present
Ken’s talents in innovating and sustaining change with a systemic approach facilitating a learning based organisation continues to set industry benchmarks of what is achievable in high performance dental practices with cutting edge technology across three locations - headquartered in North Sydney, with major offices in Canberra and Newcastle. The TOPGUM Academy developed the A-B-C essentials of dental practice success by mentoring carefully selected new graduates in the Artistry, Business and Communications skills of dentistry.

TOPGUM Dental Artistry Canberra,ACT Australia
Director & Principal Consultant 2005 - present
Ken builds a branch in the Australian Capital Territory where he and his team services not only the locals but diplomats and attache from the various High Commissions.

TOPGUM Dental Artistry Newcastle, NSW Australia
Director & Principal Consultant 2007 - 2010
Ken brings quality dentistry to the northern coastal community of NSW.

Dr Ken Ho & Associates Lane Cove, NSW Australia
Managing Director & Principal Consultant 1988 - 1991
Ken built a suburban 2-dentist set-up to a million-dollar group practice comprising a highly trained staff of twenty with a reputation for outstanding patient care and exceptional dental services.The practice was famous for its motivational health care including the
No Cavities Clan for Under-13s and the annual TOPGUM Awards for Most Improved Dental Health. This practice was the beginning of the TOPGUM Academy for mentoring young dentists in the A- B-C essentials of dental practice success.

Dr Ken Ho Turramurra, NSW Australia
Solopreneur and Principal Dentist 1987 - 1988
Ken began his entrepreneurial career in the Northern Suburbs of Sydney with this small one- man practice -which he sold to move on to the beginning of his group practice vision when the opportunity arose in Lane Cove.

Dr Ken Ho Hornsby, NSW Australia
Associate Dentist 1987
Ken worked with Dr James Cheah in the first six months after graduation and quickly realised he had a talent for building a practice. He left to start a solo practice very soon after.

University of Sydney Sydney,Australia
Clinical Tutor 1987-1990 Consultant 2012 - present Ken’s focus is group clinical mentoring of dental undergraduate to improve their proficiency and efficiency with patient management.